All Glass Bird Ornaments

Fused Glass Bird Ornaments

Collectable small handcrafted birds, softly fused in translucent coloured studio-glass. Some of the birds are resting on a perch or slice of Atlantic driftwood beachcombed from the shores of Nova Scotia. Other birds choose to simply hang around in a window or tree!

Choose from a wide range of bird ornamental gifts including the steadfast little chickadee who'll brave the wildest storms; the unassuming Junco; the bearer of spring - the North American Robin; the Cardinal messenger; the industrious Hummingbird; the enduring Blue Jay; the melodious British Black Bird; the quick witted Seagull; the sensitive Sand Piper or the endangered Piping Plover. Of course, the British Robin is also available upon request too! The birds also make a great personalized gift - will you pick their favourite colour, a bird that has special meaning to you both or one that speaks to the heart? 

The birds on driftwood are detachable from its "perch" to make shipping your gift easier. The birds are also available to purchase as custom gifts.  We'll search for just the right piece of driftwood and make you a bird family! Please get in touch for more details..