Seagull Chick

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Seagull Chick (Fused Glass Bird Ornament)

For shoreline lovers and beach-goers world-wide who have been "forced" to share their chips and sandwiches! Aside from the sound of the surf, what says "seaside" more than the caw of a seagull? The seagull is a very intelligent bird, attentive and caring. Apparently it can also drink both sea and freshwater!

This little glass bird is approximately 3" not including his/her legs. It's presented on a  detachable perch (the wood). 

Please note that your bird will be similar though not necessarily identical to the one pictured. You will receive either a driftwood stick perch or a slice of driftwood (unless you express a preference). 

Although I do keep a few birds in stock, most are made to order. Please allow around a week before shipping. Thanks!

Also available in regular adult size!