Cat with Robins (Glass Picture Window Tile)

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Cat with Robins (Fused Glass Tile)

Inspired by the cats that just love to watch the birds (when we know the birds are safely out of their reach)!

Perhaps this one reminds you a little of you or your friend's cat?

This is a small fused studio-glass panel approximately 6 x 4" and comes with a detachable slotted pine stand painted brown. If you prefer to have this piece in the form of a window sunlight-catcher, I can drill two holes in the top and thread it with clear monofilament for hanging in a window. Please make a note in your order comments.

I have two glass tiles in this design. One features a ginger cat (almost a torti type) and the other is a grey tabby. The design is all glass, no paints! The glass pieces photographed here are the ones you will get!