Business to Business Media Kit


This media kit contains the most up-to-date and relevant information about The Glass Bakery birds.  Feel free to download the images and copy the text contained within this kit for the Promotion of my products either online or on social media.

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Contact Information

1-866 499-8691 (please leave a voicemail) (preferred method)

The Glass Bakery is a registered Trademark. 


Short Bios

The Glass Bakery’s enchanting glass birds are artfully handcrafted from coloured glass with no paints, moulds, or glazes, by Cara Wedgbrow. Each collectible bird is unique, capturing the innocence and playfulness of each bird’s personality to bring you a smile.

Watching the birds awakens a connection with nature and soothes the soul. Cara was inspired to create glass birds following the loss of her dearly loved dog, Hudson. In his memory, The Glass Bakery is developing retail collections to raise funds for Canadian dog charities.


Production Process

Each bird is handcrafted, first by designing then cutting shapes from clear glass and next building up layers of finely powdered coloured glass on or between the clear shapes. Next, pieces are kiln-baked, fused at ultra high temperatures then strengthened by a controlled cooling. No paints, glazes or moulds are used. No two birds are the same, and each piece is initialled on the reverse.

The Glass Bakery is working to become a "Greener", more Environmentally Aware and Responsible artisanal business by Reducing and Recycling as much as possible both during and post-production.


Website and Social Media Addresses

Please tag @theglassbakery when you post images of my work and I'll share your post! It would also be appreciated if you could place a link to my website next to my Bios information - thank you.


Product Description:

Handcrafted, Kiln-Fired Birds by The Glass Bakery

  • Created from glass only - no paints, glazes or moulds
  • Detachable Perch (Driftwood for birds in the Shoreline Collection and Logs for birds in the Woodland Collection)
  • Hanging birds are thread with clear monofilament 




  • Nova Scotian Driftwood and logs harvested as part of routine maintenance of property
  • Driftwood is sanitized, sun-dried and sanded on the underside for stability.
  • Live-edge perches are treated with a natural oil preservative. No pesticides or harsh chemicals are used.


  • Shorebirds (e.g. seagull, sandpiper, puffin) and bird families perch on driftwood; all woodland varieties perch on live-edge logs. If there’s any variation or a specific piece of bird is intended for a specific perch, the wood will be labelled. 
  • Wood swapping is not recommended - an appropriately sized, stable perch has been preselected for each bird type/size.



  1. Place the appropriate perch with the sanded side down on a flat surface
  2. The front side of the bird is the glossiest side, slightly rounder and the colour more saturated.
  3. Insert the wire legs into the two drilled holes in the top side of the wood as far as they will go. 
  4. Please DON’T bend the bird legs to create curves or angles. It changes the aesthetics and may affect product integrity.
  5. Check for stability. If the product seems unstable, check the legs aren’t bent or try reversing the bird direction. 


Tip: If there is a risk of motion (e.g. on ferries, or your customer has a cat), the perch base may be secured by a small amount of “Museum Wax/Gel” or equivalent. This is inexpensive and available widely online.

Any other questions, please ask! Thanks for you order! Cara



Please email me for a copy of the latest order form with T&C's - thanks.



  • All hanging birds included branded product information. A branded pouch is available for hanging birds. Depending on supply, a pouch for perched birds may be purchased separately. Please email for availability.
  • All wood perches are branded with The Glass Bakery or The Glass Bakery Logo.
  • Creative Process cards included as standard. Contact cards are available upon request.
  • Brand story postcard available upon request
  • 12x12" logo card for wall available upon request

The birds display and sell best in a light location or near a window, at eye height. They look their best in groupings of "like" birds in different sizes.

Suggestions for displaying the Hanging birds include: in a window, from an eye-height shelf; or a display tree; Christmas Tree, or on branches in a vase.





Pictures of the Birds in Nature

Pocket Cardinal (Cardinal sits amongst Creeping Thyme)

Hanging Goldfinch (Goldfinch hangs in Vase with Blossoms)

Sandpiper (Sandpiper sits by Pond)

Puffin (Puffin sits by Pond)

Robin (Robin exterior location)

Gull (Gull sits by Pond)

Robin (Hanging Chick)

Bluebird (Adult and Chick)

Owl on Rock (Adult)


Product Photos: Perched Woodland Birds


Bluebird Chick and Adult

Bluebird Pocket 

BlueJay Chick and Adult

Cardinal Pocket

Chickadee Chick and Adult

Chickadee Pocket

Cardinal Chick and Adult

Female Cardinal Chick and Adult

Crow Chick and Pocket

Hummingbird Chick

Goldfinch Chick and Adult

 Goldfinch Pocket


Owl Chick and Adult

Robin Chick and Adult

Robin Pocket


Product Photos: Perched Shoreline Birds

Plover Chick and Adult

Plover Pocket

Puffin Chick and Adult

Sandpiper Chick and Adult

Sandpiper Pocket

Sandpiper Chick

Seagull Chick and Adult


Product Photos Perched Pairs of Birds

Plover Pair (Mixed Adult/Chick)


Hanging Woodland Birds

Bluebird Chick and Adult Hanging

Blue Jay Chick and Adult Hanging

Cardinal Chick and Adult Hanging

Cardinal Female Chick and Adult Hanging

Chickadee Chick and Adult Hanging

Crow Pocket and Chick Hanging

Goldfinch Chick and Adult Hanging

Hairy Woodpecker Chick and Adult Hanging

Hummingbird Chick Hanging

Owl Chick and Adult Hanging

Robin Chick and Adult Hanging



Hanging Shoreline Birds

Kingfisher Adult Hanging

Mallard Adult Hanging

Puffin Chick and Adult Hanging

Plover Chick and Adult Hanging

Sandpiper Chick and Adult Hanging

Seagull Chick and Adult Hanging



Striving for Environmental Responsibility

  • Minimizing glass waste through product design and innovation
  • Waste glass waste is recycled into Septic Sand where community recycling programs allow
  • Packaging for Wholesale orders use recycled or recyclable packing material 
  • Cruelty free glass cleaners
  • Lower ambient temperature in studio to conserve energy
  • Paper and Card packaging for retail
  • Minimal plastic packaging on birds (e.g. bubble wrap when necessary for product safety or re-purposed)

Charitable Policy

  • Cash sponsorship, or product donations to Canine or Bird related non-profit organizations
  • Ongoing: Exclusive Retail (not wholesale) Fundraising Collections for ElderDog Canada and Misfit Manor Dog Rescue

Company Passions and Beliefs

  • Quality, Unique Handcrafted Product
  • Nature as therapy
  • Animal welfare
  • Animal rehabilitation
  • Pet Loss Bereavement
  • Senior Dog Care
  • Biophilia
  • The human-animal bond