Black Bird Chicks on Live Edge Logs by The Glass Bakery

Black Bird Glass Ornament Chick

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Common Black Bird Chick (Turdus merula)

Studio-Glass Bird Ornament: Chick

Inspired by the melodious British Black Bird with it's heart-warming pre-breakfast song!  Each handcrafted studio-glass chick is a little different, which means your gift is truly unique! You can see some of the variation in the photographs.

The Black Bird chick comes with their detachable perch fashioned from a slice of live-edge forest wood. Just insert the little bird legs into the holes on the top of the wood to stand him up.  

  • Artisan Studio-Glass Fused Glass Black Bird Ornament 
  • Handmade in Nova Scotia from glass: no paints, glazes or molds.
  • Unique Gift 
  • Easy to Ship and gift-wrap due to detachable Live-Edge Log Perch 
  • Most Birds ship within a few business days
  • Size Approximately 2.5"
  • Collect the family: other sizes and formats available


Please note:  

  • The bird you'll receive will be similar but not identical to the photograph with minor variations in exact colouring and beak colour/shade (from golds through to yellows and opaque through to translucent).
  • The direction the bird is facing will vary randomly
  • You can see colour on both sides of the bird, but the pattern is not reversible. The front side is glossy and has the most colour and pattern detail.
I aim to get your studio-glass bird mailed out to you within a couple of business days. If your bird's going to be any longer leaving the nest, I'll email to let you know!