Glass Bumble Bee Hanging Ornament

Bumble Bee Ornament Large

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Bumble Bee

Studio-Glass Hanging Bee: Large

Show your appreciation for the bees! Incredibly now an endangered species, the bee is the most important and prolific pollinators of not only our flowers, fruit and veg, but of wildflower and woodland plants that provide habitat for wildlife. Unlike the real bee, this glass might not be furry, but he's cute in his gold and black stripes! He's loosely modelled on Bumble and Honey Bees.

  • Size approximately 3.5"
  • Hangs from clear thread
  • Handcrafted studio-glass fired in a kiln
  • Hand-cut using no molds, or glazes, just coloured glass.
  • Made in Nova Scotia
  • A unique gift!

Please note that you're not purchasing the bee in the picture. All the bees are very slightly different and the pictures should be used as guidance only. Exact shape, colour and tones will vary for e.g. some bees may be more yellow than golden; some bees may have wings that stick up over the body, others may fall within the body shape.

Your bee is expected to be shipped within the week. Any longer than this and I'll email to let you know!