Cardinal Chick (Hanging Bird Ornament)

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Hanging Cardinal Chick (Studio-Glass Hanging Ornament)

Cute red hanging Cardinal chick! Wherever you decide to hang him, the red glass will definitely stand out! 

  • Handcrafted Fused Glass Hanging Cardinal Chick Ornament
  • Artisan Kiln-Fired Studio-Glass made in coastal Nova Scotia, Canada
  • Unique Gift with each bird seeming to have their own character
  • The birds are all friendly. I hope he'll make you and your friends smile!
  • Authentic Glass: No Paints, Glazes or Moulds
  • Small and slender, but you can go larger if that's your thing!  Size Approximately 2.5" 
  • The birds are always keen to meet you: Often hatched on request, and usually flying out within the week!
  • No strings attached - as with all the birds, this little Cardinal chick is discrete, hanging by clear thread!
  • Invite the family - there's adults, perching cardinals and mini pocket ones too!

Please note that the bird you are purchasing is not the exact chick pictured. He/She will look similar but please expect minor variations in shape, colour tone and bird expression due to the handcrafted nature of the work.