Junco Bird Ornament

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Junco (Fused Glass Ornament)

The unassuming, polite, simple, pleasant little Junco!

Each bird is handcrafted and is unique, similar but not identical to the photograph.  There may be slight colour or shape variations, for example the beak colour may vary from gold to pink. The Junco comes on a detachable perch fashioned from a slice of live edge (barked) log. If you prefer Atlantic Driftwood for a perch as in the picture, please comment on your order notes or email me to let me know.   The bird and the wood will arrive as two separate pieces and you just slot his skinny wire bird legs in the holes.

Family groups (pairs, mixed sized pairs, custom groups etc) are created colour-matched, the birds orientated in complimentary directions, and are sent with one larger piece of driftwood as their stand rather than one stand per bird. I have one adult and pocket Junco ready-made which is one a lichen-covered log rather than driftwood.

Most birdies are made to order.  I aim to get him moving your way within a week and if he's likely to be any longer will let you know. Thanks!

Size approximately 3-3.5"

Also available as a chick and pocket sized bird!