Misfit Hanging Bee

Misfit Hanging Bee

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Misfit Bees for Misfit Manor Dog Rescue

Misfit Hanging Bees: Prototype & Experimental

25% of the pre-tax purchase price of these bee ornaments will be donated to Misfit Manor Dog Rescue

What do you mean by a Misfit? A misfit is a subjective aesthetic designation awarded by me, the artisan. It's a piece that does not reach my hopes or expectations or no longer fits in with my range. The piece could be a high quality "second" showing only superficial cosmetic blemishes; slightly irregular in size; a "first quality" but "end of line" product ; or experimental work.  Glass Misfits are as solid and durable as first quality. It will never be cracked or chipped. A misfit is still to be treasured!

  • Size approximately 2.5" medium or 1" mini
  • Hangs from clear thread
  • Handcrafted studio-glass fired in a kiln
  • Hand-cut using no molds, or glazes, just coloured glass.
  • Made in Nova Scotia 
  • Ships within a few business days