glass rabbit sun catcher

Misfit Rabbit

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Misfit Birds for Misfit Manor Dog Rescue

Misfit Hanging Rabbit

What do you mean by a Misfit? A misfit is a subjective aesthetic designation awarded by me, the artisan. It's a piece that does not reach my hopes or expectations or no longer fits in with my range. The piece could be a high quality "second" showing only superficial cosmetic blemishes; slightly irregular in size; a "first quality" but "end of line" product ; or experimental work.  Glass Misfits are as solid and durable as first quality. It will never be cracked or chipped. A misfit is still to be treasured!

Please make your purchase based on the pictures shown. Due to administrative constraints it's not feasible to post or send detailed photos of each individual piece and reason for the misfit categorization. The pictures display the front of the piece as this is the most salient viewing angle.