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Robin - North American Style (Fused Glass Ornament)

With it's vibrant red chest the North American Robin is a firm favourite.  In Canada the Robin is a welcome sign of Spring and in the UK they are Christmas birds and look quite different! Many stories and mythologies surround these birds, with many believing the the Robin is a symbol of rebirth or a sign of a departed loved one. 

Each bird is handcrafted and is unique, similar but not identical to the photograph.  The bird sold here is a North American Robin, but if you'd like a British Robin instead just ask! There may be slight colour or shape variations.  The Robin comes on a detachable perch fashioned from a live-edge slice of tree.

Most birds are made to order.  The Robin is up pretty early so will no doubt get to the Post Office within a week. If something comes up (other than a worm) and he's going to be any longer, I'll let you know.

Size approximately 3.5"