Pocket Robin

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Pocket Robin (Toonie sized Fused Glass Robin on Driftwood Perch).  

At around 2", this mini Robin is approximately the size of a Canadian Toonie! Cute and perfect for small places! The Robin is detachable from the driftwood which makes it even easier for you to ship as a gift!

Each bird is handcrafted and is unique, similar but not identical to the photograph.  The wood will look different from that photographed. The Robin is provided with his detachable perch made from a live-edge barked slice of wood. If you prefer driftwood let me know at the time of ordering.

Only a small number of birds are kept in stock and most are made to order.  I aim to ship your glass within a week and if it's going to be any longer, I'll get in touch to let you know. Thanks!

Size approximately 2"