Steller's Jay Chick

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Steller's Jay (Fused Glass Bird Ornament)


  • Handcrafted Artisan Studio-Glass 
  • Individual and unique gift - no moulds are used so each Steller's Jay is a little different!
  • Quality, coloured, hand-cut glass!  No Paints or Glazes and the colours won't fade!
  • Detachable Log base - easy to wrap or mail if the bird's a gift!
  • Approximately 2.5 (not including his perch). If you're looking for something larger - Adult Jays are available too!
  • Made to order and quick shipping - most birds fly out within the week

Please note that the bird you are purchasing is not the exact bird in the picture, but will look very similar. Please expect minor variations in tone and shade due to the handcrafted and whimsical nature of the work. 

I aim to get your studio-glass bird out to you within a week! Most birds are made just for you, with just a few kept "to hand", so if he's going to be any longer leaving the nest, I'll email to let you know.