Winter Puffin! Hanging Ornament

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Winter Puffin in a Scarf! Bucking the norm for Puffins, this little one decided to keep his "brights" on for winter. With a colourful beak and equally dazzling "knitted" scarf, he'll be sure to stand out on the tree!

Mr Puffin is around 3.5" and has a wardrobe full of snazzy knitted scarves ! Let me know your choice from Dark Sparkly Chive Green, Turquoise, Flame Red or Lemongrass.

The Puffin you'll receive is not the one from the picture, but will look similar. Please expect minor variations in the bird itself and clothing colour hues, reflecting the birds individuality and handcrafted nature!

I aim to send your studio-glass bird out to meet you within a week, and if it’s going to be any longer will let you know.