How quick will you ship the glass birds?

Most fused glass ornaments are shipped out to you within 2-3 business days. Any longer and you'll be emailed to let you know an estimated shipping date. For domestic shipping within Canada, delivery times via Canada Post and the major Couriers are on average 2-7 days. 



Will I get the bird/wood perch in the picture?

Sorry, no. The photos are representative of the glass bird ornaments but are not a photo the actual one that you'll receive. I've uploaded a range of bird photos to the website to show some of the variation and uniqueness you can expect.

The birds are unique and handcrafted, and may vary slightly from that pictured. There may be minor variations in size, colour, colour saturation, vibrancy and shape. Please bear in mind too that glass will appear different depending on variables not limited to but including the time of day, how it is photographed, the amount and colour of natural or artificial light available etc.  Be reassured that overall the bird will be very similar to that pictured and you'll receive a unique, special, one of a kind bird! 

What are the small bubbles in my glass?

"Champagne Bubbles" are a common feature of fused glass. While glass artists take steps using production to avoid large bubbles or craters that may be unsightly, distracting or weaken the piece, small bubbles are inherent and can even be desired depending on your taste. Bubbles are also a personal aesthetic choice of the artist, who may also choose to create bubbles using chemical reactions or physical placement of glass components.

Many people find these small bubbles a desirable feature which adds to the uniqueness of the piece. The bubbles (if any) are often more visible on transparent or semi-opaque glass and also when the piece is held up to the light. Champagne Bubbles may not be present on every piece.


Do the birds have a front and back?

Yes. Fused glass traditionally has a glossier side - this is the front of the bird. The back of the bird has less detail, is less glossy and sometimes picks up textures from the kiln shelf or the firing process. It still looks good - in fact, I've seen many shops place my ornaments back to front on the shelf ;-)



All the logs and driftwood perches are collected and cut by myself or family members. The Driftwood is collected from the shore of Atlantic Canada and is cleaned then air dried. The logs have been hand-harvested as part of natural garden or trail maintenance. The logs are protected using a non-toxic (but not food-grade) preservative.

Driftwood perches are by nature all very different and will likely be different to the one photographed.



Can I put the birds outdoors?

The glass was designed for indoor use but with common sense, hanging birds and coasters can be used outside. The birds with wire legs and perches are best kept indoors in a wind and motion-free environment. That being said, I've put the birds with legs in the garden for close to 10 years largely without incident!

Ensure that the glass birds are in a location where they aren't subject to hard impacts or experience rapid temperature extremes. Temperature changes need to be gradual or glass can break.



Do you offer gift wrapping service?

Perched and hanging birds are usually shipped to your home in nests and Kraft Boxes. Branded card pouches are available upon request for hanging birds and from retail stores.

The birds are securely bundled up for the ride, cozy in their protective packaging! If your bird is a gift and you'd like me to add a personal message, simply add a note to your order. I'll write your message on a 2"x2" square bird photo card.

Unless you ask, ordinarily, no receipt will be provided or placed with the order.

A glass bird from The Glass Bakery gift wrapped in a nest and simple packaging (Kraft gift box).



Do you create Custom Glass Art?

Although the bird collection is not customizable, nor are specific birds created upon request, I do keep a "wish-list" of bird types. If there's a bird that particularly appeals to you, feel free to let me know and I'll add it to my list of "possibles" for the future!



Where is the glass made? Can I see where you make the birds?

The birds are created in my home studio and fused in an electric glass kiln. Sorry -the glass studio is not open to the public. 


I have a cat and I'm afraid he'll knock the bird over - what do you suggest?

There's a product called Museum/Earthquake Gel that is a clear, removable gel for holding down ornaments. It's great for adding a bit of resistance against clumsy or playful cats, wind motion or fingers! It can be purchased online fairly inexpensively. A little goes a long way and I've found it works well. 



How do I clean the glass?

Fused glass can be cleaned using either glass cleaning spray and a soft cloth, or in a gentle soap and warm water (not hotter than your ungloved hands can withstand). After washing with detergent, rinse the glass in lukewarm water. Avoid harsh or abrasive cloths. The birds legs can either air dry or be dried with a soft cloth. 



Environmental Policy

The Glass Bakery strives to reduce the environmental footprint of creating birds.

Please visit my "Being Green" page for further information.


Charitable Giving

The Glass Bakery gives-back to selected Canadian registered dog charitable organisations through donations from retail sales and preferred payment methods (e-transfer).  There are two ways to participate and help The Glass Bakery fundraise for dogs:

1) purchase glass from the Giving Back Collection

2) pay via E-transfer. When retail customers pay via E-transfer rather than credit card, I pay-it-forward by donating 1% of the pre-tax purchase price to a Canadian registered Dog Charity. The money is pooled and donated at the end of the year.  

Thank you!