Do you offer Contact-Free Shopping? 

Yes! Simply purchase from the website and select "Collect from the Studio Shop" at the Cart stage! I will email you to determine when's convenient for you to collect the glass and package your order ahead of time.  Upon arrival, I'll open the shop and you will collect your gift bag from the counter. 

What's your Covid-19 store policy?

We offer Click and Collect/Contact Free Shopping via the website or Facebook!

If you'd like to browse the glass in the studio shop, I can offer you indvidual access to the studio shop. Due to the small area and in accordance with the Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety (CCOHS), store access is limited to one customer per time, and all other visitors should unfortunately remain in their car or wait outside.  

Hand Sanitizer is available in the shop and it is preferred that you use it upon entering the shop. CCOHS also recommends that you please do not handle items in the shop unnecessarily.  If you would like to purchase something from the store, you'd be asked to temporarily step outside the shop while I come in to package the glass for purchase, or wear a face mask or covering over your mouth and nose (either medical or hand-made).

Payment by E-Transfer or Credit Card payment via email in advance or using your mobile phone data package is preferred. I can also take debit card tap on-site, or credit card if you're prepared to wear disposable gloves.  Cash purchases are accepted. 

The store Covid policies are subject to change with new recommendations, advice and provincial regulations.


How much will the shipping cost for online shopping?

The Glass Bakery is pleased to offer simple flat rate shipping zones for purchases under $350 within Canada. Shipping costs $18 for "Atlantic Provinces" and $23 for the "Rest of Canada" ($23). For orders over $350 and for heavier glass panels, shipping to remote areas (as determined by the courier) or international orders, I'll get in touch and let you know any additional shipping costs. The extra amount will then be applied to your credit card with your approval (or you may send an email money transfer for the balance). The online shopping cart calculates shipping to the US. 


What methods of shipping are available?

Glass Art shipped within Canada will be usually sent using the fast Canada Post Expedited Service which includes tracking. No insurance will be added other than the free $100 liability that Canada Post offers as standard. If you would like additional insurance or faster delivery, please email me your order rather than using the online cart. You will still be able to pay via e-transfer or credit card. Occasionally I find a courier that is either comparable in price/less expensive and/or quicker than Canada Post and so will ship via courier.


Do you ship Internationally?

Yes! Online shopping for some countries are set up within the Shopping Cart system. If your country of delivery is not listed on the Cart webpage, please email your order to theglassbakery@gmail.com with your full contact details and request a shipping quote.  Please note that for all international deliveries, parcels are sent with delivery duties, taxes and any other fees associated with importing, unpaid. The recipient/customer is responsible for paying any applicable fees related to customs, handling, tax or duty.


When will the glass be shipped? 

I try to get the glass to you as quick as possible. Most orders of glass will be shipped out within 2-5 business days. If your order is likely to take longer than a week to be mailed out, I'll contact you. If you're on a tight schedule, please email ahead to let me know and I'll provide an estimate of fulfillment. For wholesale orders, weddings and charitable events etc., please allow longer - around 2-3 weeks is normal.


Will I get the bird/wood in the picture?

No. The photos are representative of the bird. Often you'll see I've put several pictures to give you an idea of the variation and uniqueness to be expected.

Due to the unique and handcrafted nature of glass, the bird you receive may vary slightly from that pictured. There may be minor variations in size, colour, colour saturation, vibrancy and shape. Please bear in mind too that glass will appear different depending on variables not limited to but including the time of day, how it is photographed, the amount and colour of natural or artificial light available etc.  Be reassured that overall the bird will be very similar to that pictured and you'll receive a unique, special, one of a kind bird! 

The wooden perches are also unique and it's doubtful that you'd get the one in the photograph. Driftwood perches are by nature all very different and so please be aware that the wood is unlikely to look like the one in the photograph either.


Can the birds be kept outside? 

In theory yes. However, the products weren't designed to be kept outside and aren't guaranteed. The birds are made of glass so you should be careful to make sure that the glass doesn't smack into (or be smacked into) anything in the wind; that snow or ice doesn't fall onto it etc. With glass you should also avoid rapid temperature extremes.  If you've kept your glass outside, please don't bring it straight inside uninsulated from a rapid temperature change. Temperature changes need to be gradual or the glass might break. At the studio, we've had all kinds of our fused glass outside for many years, with any breakage related directly to weather-related accidents (hurricanes and snow falling off the roof).


Do you offer gift wrapping?

Although there's no gift box or wrapping service, all glass is neatly wrapped in commercial tissue wrap and the bird is securely bundled up for the ride from my studio to your home with protective packaging! Where possible, paper-based or card shipping materials will be used to reduce environmental waste or with the aim of using recyclable materials. Only small amounts of bubble wrap are used when necessary to try and safeguard your glass. Bubble wrap is recyclable in most parts of Canada.

Unless you ask, ordinarily, no receipt will be placed with the order, so you may freely send the package as a gift without worrying that the price will be listed!


Environmental Policy

The Glass Bakery tries to reduce our environmental footprint (we hope to have more of a toe print) as much as possible! For wholesale orders direct to shops, wherever possible packaging materials are supplemented with repurposed boxes, donations of newspapers and protective material from friends and neighbours!

Use of Bubble Wrap and other plastics is kept to a minimum. However, to avoid breakage (and wasting glass materials and the power used in production), it is sometimes necessary to use a small amount of plastic bubble wrap. When available, bubble wrap with a recycled content is used. Bubble wrap is recyclable in most parts of Canada. Where possible, Kraft card, paper or corrugated paper products are used for shipping to reduce our environmental footprint.

Wholesale orders are often wrapped using old newspapers and/or placed in recycled boxes.

The Glass industry is trying hard to modify and address environmental concerns. At The Glass Bakery, waste is kept to a minimum. Any unusable scraps of fusing glass are taken to a commercial recycling plant for recycling into septic sand.

The glass is fused in an electric kiln. Energy escaping from the kiln warms the studio, saving on energy for heating costs!


Returns or Exchanges 

Please note that due to the handcrafted nature of our products, the small size of the business, and/or because your glass art is often made to order, no returns or exchanges are accepted.  If there is a problem with your order, or if the glass arrives broken (which hopefully will be a rare event), please get in touch and I'll do my best to help.


Do you create Custom Glass Art?

The bird collection is not customizable except for Memorial Glass which includes the addition of Cremated Remains. With only a few exceptions, The Glass Bakery does not usually take on commissions. Sorry!


Can I see where you make the birds?

The glass studio itself is not open to the public. However, weather and production schedule permitting, the outdoor studio shop will be open by chance or appointment and I'm happy to explain about how fused glass is made.