Fundraising Glass

For some time, my personal interests and those of my business have been separate. The Glass Bakery has supported local non-profit organizations with monetary and product donations, and I have made personal donations and volunteered my time. Despite the satisfaction of giving back to the community in both ways, I came to realize that supporting causes close to my heart in a more structured and meaningful way would better benefit the organizations, and my soul.

After careful thought, this year I decided to focus on developing a meaningful relationship with a few organizations working towards goals that I feel passionate about. I hope in a small way to help make a difference in the lives of animals and to support our connection with nature. A collection of fundraising products represents the start of that alliance. 

With the help of your purchase of these products, either through the website or my studio shop, we can together make the small steps in the right direction to maintain strong human-animal bonds. I'm excited to support ElderDog Canada and Misfit Manor Dog Rescue through product sales, and other wildlife, animal welfare and nature protection organizations on a case by case basis.