Misfits for Misfit Manor Dog Rescue

Raising funds for Misfit Manor Dog Rescue, Nova Scotia

During the course of the year, I produce pieces that although of good quality and strength, may aesthetically not be quite up to my standards. I call them "quality seconds" or "misfits".   These pieces may be slightly mis-shaped or have minor cosmetic blemishes - nothing serious, and usually only visible from the reverse.  

Other times, I have "first quality" pieces that just don't fit in with my "brand aesthetic", are "end-of-line" or purely experimental designs. They are misfit's only in a thematic sense. 

Many people have told me that there's "nothing wrong" with these pieces and I'm just "too fussy". I've been torn whether I should sell the misfits, and have usually opted to smash them up and retire them (along with my other waste glass), to a commercial recycling company in Halifax. The recycler facilitates the repurposing of the scrap glass into septic sand. 

This year I've been looking for new ways to support organizations that I feel passionately about. I remembered how back in the UK I used to enjoy discovering misfits in the chocolate manufacturers, and also the "quality seconds" in the Denby Pottery outlet store in Derbyshire.  It dawned on me that in the interests of both reducing waste and supporting a good cause, my "Misfits" might be a good match to help raise funds for Misfit Manor Dog Rescue Society. 

There is a filtering process for Misfits. The pieces I sell are never or chipped, cracked. Anything that doesn't pass the grade is scrapped. Many of the Misfits are probably better (at least in my mind) than originals sold years ago or when I first started fusing! I'm always hoping to improve and refine my work, and the goal posts do move with time!

Misfits are sold at a discount of up to 25%, and I'll be and donating a further 25% of the discounted retail price, to Misfit Manor Dog Rescue Society. I've also created a bookmark to let you know a little more about the organization, and will pop one in with each Misfit order. I hope you enjoy these pieces and will help me raise funds for the dogs by purchasing and rehoming a "Misfit"! 

Click here or on the image below to go straight to the collection!

"Misfit Manor Dog Rescue Society (MMDRS) is an all breed, all age dog rescue primarily focused on assisting special needs dogs and senior dogs in Nova Scotia. Our Board of Directors and volunteers are comprised of people who share a passion for the often overlooked rescue cases. MMDRS is committed to remaining small in terms of intake in order to fully understand the needs of each individual dog, and thoroughly assess, evaluate and rehabilitate those in care. With a focus on special needs cases, the assessment process is vital to the successful placement of Misfit Manor dogs in forever homes that have completed a multistage application and screening process"