Two female glass Cardinal bird ornaments
Northern Cardinal Female
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Northern Cardinal Female

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Northern Cardinal Female (Cardinalis cardinalis)

Studio-Glass Bird Ornament

Complete the Cardinal family! The female Cardinal is unusual in the songbird world in that she "sings" like the males! The glass is neutral amber-brown with a touch of red.

Your female plumage Cardinal is handcrafted entirely from glass - no paints, glazes or moulds. The shape was designed and hand-cut, then layers of coloured crushed glass built up on the clear shape before firing her in a kiln over many hours.  I initial each bird on her reverse. The bird comes with her own detachable live-edge log perch that has been sanded on the underside for stability. Simply slot the birds legs into the holes in the top side of the wood. 

  • Handcrafted in Nova Scotia from glass (no paints, glazes or molds)
  • Glass bird ornament complete with live edge log perch (if you prefer a driftwood perch, please add a note to your order)
  • Artisan Studio-Glass made in Nova Scotia
  • Most Birds ship within a few business days
  • Size Approximately 3.5 " for adult, 2.5" for chick

Please note:

  • The bird you're purchasing is not the exact bird in the picture, but will look very similar. Please expect minor variations in tone and shade due to the handcrafted, unique and whimsical nature of the work.
  • Because the birds are created using successive layering of glass, their detail is best seen from the front.