Barn Owl

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Barn Owl (Fused Glass Ornament) 

  • Handcrafted Fused Glass Art Barn Owl
  • Artisan Studio-Glass made in Nova Scotia
  • Each bird seems to have their own character
  • Unique Gift
  • He'll make you and your friends smile!
  • No Paints, Glazes or Molds
  • Easy to Ship
  • Detachable Live-Edge Barked Log Perch
  • Made to Order
  • Most Birds ship within the week
  • Size Approximately 4-5"
  • Collectable
  • Other sizes and formats available

An air of mystery, wisdom and magic surrounds the Owl and a messenger for "change". The Barn Owl is nocturnal in Canada and although it is one of the most widely distributed types of owls in the world, it is a Species at Risk in some provinces.

Each studio-glass owl is handcrafted and unique. The bird will be very similar but not identical to the photograph with slight colour or shape variations.  The Owl comes in-situ on a detachable live-edge (barked) log perch.

We aim to get your studio-glass bird out to you within a week! Most birds are made just for you, with just a few kept to hand, so if it’s going to be any longer, we'll email to let you know.

Size approximately 4-5"