Atlantic Puffin

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Atlantic Puffin: Studio-Glass (Fused) Bird Ornament

He might seem a little “out of sorts” on land, but this Puffin is really at home on the ocean. He’s loyal and a real athlete too, flying fast and diving deep. He’s smartly dressed in a black and white tuxedo, and prides himself on his colourful spring-time yellow and orange beak.


  • Handcrafted Artisan Studio-Glass 
  • Individual and unique gift - each Puffin has their own character and is a little different!
  • Quality, coloured, hand-cut glass!  No Paints, Glazes or Molds and it won't fade!
  • Souvenir Detachable Atlantic Driftwood Perch - easy to wrap!
  • Doesn't take up a lot of space - approximately 3.5 tall (not including his perch)
  • Made to order but quick shipping - most Puffins fly out within the week
  • Chicks and xmas puffins available!
  • Best of all - he'll make you smile!

Each handcrafted studio-glass Puffin (and piece of driftwood) is a little different and so your gift is truly unique too! The Puffin you'll receive will be similar but not identical to the photograph and comes with his/her detachable perch of real Atlantic driftwood - just insert their little bird legs into the holes on the top of the driftwood and pop them on the side!

We aim to get your studio-glass Puffin out to you within a week! Most birds are made just for you, with just a few kept to hand, so if it’s going to be any longer, I'll email to let you know.