Misfit Hanging Chick Ornaments

Misfit Hanging Chick Ornaments

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All the features of the regular hanging chicks, but at a lower cost to reflect their odd blemish or imperfection! 

15% of the pre-tax purchase price of these birds will be split and donated to Misfit Manor Dog Rescue and ElderDog Canada


Art is a process. When I make birds, sometimes they don’t all turn out as expected.  The odd blemish, slightly irregular in size, a little quirkier than usual… you get the idea! Rather than abandon these guys, I release them to the world to spread their little sunshine in their unique way!  

Purchase these birds and other studio glass pieces at a reduced cost, spread a little joy, and at the same time support Canadian good causes and prevent a bird from being sent to the recycling nest in the sky!


Little details 

  • Hanging chick birds
  • High Quality “second”s, First Quality "end of lines” or Exploratory Designs.
  • Solid and durable, never cracked or chipped. 
  • There may be a small blemish on the reverse.
  • Most people are unlikely to notice the difference between these and "First quality".